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Raising Cattle For Profit Tips

raising cattle for profit

Raising Cattle For Profit – Tips For Increase Chances of Success


Raising cattle for profit entails a lot of time, money, and determination in order to succeed. You also need the knowledge on anything and everything about cows. Cows need a variety of things to grow to their full potential. And by that, it means they grow up to become big, healthy and have tender meat.

1. You need to understand that raising cattle starts when they are still calves. These calves depend on their mothers for their milk. What you must be aware of is how to choose the right calves to start your cattle raising business. Know how to determine if a cow is healthy and free of diseases.

2. Another factor is the location. You need to put up a farm that has the right climate condition. Additionally, cows need to be raised in a farm where the facilities meet their specific demands. For starters, you need adequate space for your grazing area. Your livestock should have enough space for them to move around and there should be enough grass for them to eat. The grazing area should be surrounded by a perimeter fence that cannot easily be taken down. This will prevent your livestock from wandering away and to keep predators at bay. Your cattle also require some sort of shelter from the elements, especially from rain and extreme heat. You need to have a pen built which you need to maintain regularly to avoid diseases from spreading. Furthermore, you may also need some way to handle your livestock better. This is where structures like squeezes and alleyways come in. These facilities will come in handy during sorting, loading, and vaccination.

3. Learning how to raise cattle for beef or profit also means you must be prepared to spend most of your time and money on your cattle. You need to watch over everything that goes on so you’d be assured of having large and healthy cows. Feeding takes most of your time and money. You need to constantly provide food for them. Aside from the grass in their grazing area, you also need to have a regular source of stored forage like dried hay and silage. It is wise to stock up on hay before the winter season comes along. This will assure you that your cows get enough food even if they don’t have the option of grazing around for grass. You also have to supplement with grains like corn and wheat to ensure that they get their nutrients and produce prime quality meat.

4. Water is also essential in raising cattle for profit. A single cow can consume up to twelve gallons of water a day. You’re lucky if you have a natural source of water near you. Otherwise, you can utilize a water tank or any device that can provide the cows with fresh and clean water all the time.

5. You need to keep a tight vaccination schedule. This is important to keep your bovines free from diseases and other problems.

6. Another factor in raising cattle for profit is to watch out for signs of sickness. There are a number of ways you can tell if something is wrong with your cattle. Look out for mucus discharge from their noses, and study their eyes frequently and see if they are still bright or if there is some discharge developing. Keep watch over their eating habits as well. A sudden change in their appetite may signify a sickness of some sort.


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