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Starting A Beef Cattle Farm

starting a beef cattle farm

Starting A Beef Cattle Farm – 8 Important Steps

Starting a beef cattle farm may be due to a variety of reasons. The main ones are either to raise cattle for their beef or for their milk. Others raise cows for breeding, while there are still some who raise cattle to join fairs and other events where they can showcase their cows. Whatever the reason, profitability almost always is on the front row. To be a successful cattle farmer and to rake in the money from raising cows, you need to understand everything about starting a beef cattle farm.


1. The first part of raising cattle for their beef is to lay out your plans. Determine all the important factors like money, time, water and food sources, possible farm location, and demand for your product. You’ll also need to determine possible buyers in and around your locality.


2. The next thing to do is find a place where you can build your cattle farm. If you don’t have your own place, you might want to lease a portion of land for around ten to 30 years. Of course, you can always buy the land. Choose one where there is plenty of grass and other foliage. It would also be better if the location is isolated so you won’t have problems with your neighbours.


3. Before you break bank, you need to study the area thoroughly. Check with the local government regarding permits, licenses and if cattle farming is allowed in your chosen location. There may also be some science involved. Have someone come over to test for soil types. This may also prove to be vital.


4. Once you purchase a parcel of land for starting a beef cattle farm, it’s now time to build your livestock facilities, if there are none yet. First off, make a layout. Plan where you will build your corral and water source, say a water tank. Determine the grazing area and surround it with a perimeter fence going as high as seven feet but not lower than four. Other structures to consider are feedlots and chutes or raceways.


5. Of course, a cattle farm isn’t a cattle farm without the cattle. Brush up your knowledge on the different types of cow and determine what you want to raise for their beef. There are many cow breeds that are perfect for their beef. Among them are Black Angus, British White, Red Polls, Wagyu, Shorthorn, and Hereford. Often times, cattle farmers prefer breeds that are easy to handle. This means that they have a good temperament.


6. You need to check every cow you are buying carefully. Make sure you are not buying one that is sick or has a disease. Also, start off with just a few good cows. If you have only 5 cows or less, don’t get a bull. You can only buy a bull if you have at least ten cows. That is, if you are not planning on using artificial insemination for breeding.


7. A healthy cow with perfect meat is possible if it gets enough nourishment. Aside from the pasture, you need to grow hay to feed your cattle. You’ll also need to stockpile the hay, especially during the cold season when the cows cannot graze outside. Most farmers mix corn, oats, wheat and other grains with the feed to further give the cows enough nutrients.


8. It is also important to have a source of clean water. Cows drink around 12 gallons of water a day. So having a water tank or natural source of water is important in starting a beef cattle farm.


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